Our solutions are easily implemented

Perfectly integrating in issuer existent processes and systems.

Ecoscard Private/Smart solution reduces the risks, costs and deadlines

While implementing EMV projects.


 Private/Smart Debit and Credit

Private/Smart Debit and Credit is the ECOSCARD solution allowing financial institutions and private label market to combine the functionality of the Debit and Credit Products, with the flexibility of chip technology.

Private Smart Debit and Credit products provide a secure payment service which includes a series of risk controls enhancements available only through the chip card technology.


 Experienced professionals

Our team consists of professionals with long experience in projects related with migration of Debit and Credit cards into chip technology and implementation of card technology without contact (Paypass e Paywave).

This experience includes EMV migration projects with flags:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Own brands – Private Label

 Company and Solutions

We are a supplier of means of payment solutions with EMV chip card technology
We have complete solutions that meet the needs of EMV migration projects:

  • EMV Debit / Credit Application
  • Key and password management
  • EMV Training Certificate
  • EMV Policies and Risk Management

Some of our Customers