Easy Implementation

Our solutions are easily implemented, perfectly matching existent issuer processes and systems.

Cost reduction

The solution Private / Smart reduces the risks, costs and deadlines in implementing EMV projects.

Issuer benefits

Greater retention of customers by adding value to the new services to their chip cards.

Shopping quickness

Faster and secure transactions with the use of value-added applications.

Best Credit Risk Management

Greater flexibility to determine the level of risk for transactions offline and online.

Greater return of investment

New revenue opportunities from new trade segments.



Based on the latest specification “Common Payment Application (CPA)” developed by EMVCo. EcosCard is launching the first integrated EMV CPA solution to the Private Label segment.

Private/Smart Debit and Credit is the ECOSCARD solution allowing financial institutions and private label market to combine the functionality of the Debit and Credit Products, with the flexibility of chip technology.

The Private / Smart Debit and Credit solution of EcosCard provides several credit and debit functions that allows issuers to adapt these products to best suit their market strategies and their customer needs.



Issuers can use the chip technology to differentiate their products and respond quickly and cost effectively to market opportunities. This is possible using value-added applications.

EcosCard bet on open standards such as multi-application operating system Multos®, thus, allowing in a single platform for cards to support multiple applications types.

Open standards provide issuers greater flexibility in choosing cards and its suppliers. These standards also ensure that issuers investing in infrastructure position themselves for innovations in the future.



EcosCard is committed to innovations that allow issuers to have access to the benefits associated with chip technology.

The chip cards have a powerful microprocessor that provides greater security and speed during an electronic payment transaction.

The chip card provides other applications that enhance the consumer payment experience, such as purchase with card not present and fidelity programs. Chip technology also expands the use of the new card acceptance means such as public transport, vending machines and parking lots.