Ecoscard is a certified company by the MasterCard Chip Accreditation Program. That
certification officially endorses the consulting capabilities of Ecoscard to support the
implementation of M / Chip design into chip cards with and without contact in Brazil and
Latin America.

MasterCard Third Party Services

We provide services related to Consulting and Technical Support categories to issuers and
Purchasers. Thus, we can help MasterCard customers in the correct making of
technical decisions, always following good practices for EMV migration.

Advice and Technical Support

With extensive experience in payment systems market, we offer a number of
consulting services to support EMV projects (with and without contact) from conception
up to implementation.

We also have a highly skilled team in planning and executing
projects, development of technical specifications, tests and solutions design.

Training (Universidade do Chip, Chip University)

Ecoscard Chip University offers training courses for the means of payment market.
Our courses are highly relevant and useful if you are working (or
want to work) issuing cards, developing POS or ATM, operating
flag, data preparation and cards customization. Ecoscard offers training courses
at different levels. The courses are organized in our training center in
São Paulo, or at customer location.

Our training programs are tailored to the real needs of customers.
We use well established technologies such as EMV, and also the most recent, as
contactless (cards without contact), NFC interface and mobile devices.

Our experienced professionals are able to provide guidance and instructions on all
phases of your project, from preparation to implementation, as well as the problems and
possible solutions throughout the process, and all the necessary support.
We also held workshops for certification of MasterCard processes and better
adequacy of cards and terminals, following market rules and good practices